Priority 1 Sandblasting & Coatings

Our Facilities

Coating & Paint Shop

11,000 sq.ft. 4-bay climate controlled shop with:

  • Able to accommodate equipment and structures up to 65' long, 20' wide and 20' tall.
  • Engineered air make-up and environmentally friendly filtered exhaust system.
  • High brilliance, high efficiency LED lighting systems.
  • Full array of paint pumps ranging up to 70:1 Titans and Gracos.
  • Plural component system
  • High pressure dried and filtered air system with moisture and oil traps.
  • Filtered fresh air system for paint and coating operators.
  • Fully automatic and alarmed sprinkler system.
  • Two 10-ton overhead cranes.

Abrasive Blasting

3250 sq. ft. enclosed blast facililty:

  • High pressure / High Volume filtered and dried air
  • Variety of blasting media to suit customer requirements
  • Filtered and monitored breathing air
  • Decontamination facility

Power Washing

Mobile power washing equipment:

  • High pressure / High temperature AaLadin Steamer
  • Large volume water supply
  • Environmentally friendly detergents